Like many other members of our club, I was horrified by the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. While many of us struggled to come to terms with the magnitude and depravity of this evil act, there were those who, just hours after the news began to filter out, latched onto this tragedy as a means for promoting new gun control measures. They were coordinated, they were well organized, and they were quick to lay the blame for what happened in Newtown squarely at the feet of American gun owners and particularly NRA and its members.

Our gun rights are now in graver danger than they have been at any time since the 1990s. There are renewed calls for a ban on semi-automatic firearms. One local representative even went so far as suggesting that it’s time for Pennsylvanians turn them in. Confiscation is being openly talked about in some political circles for the first time in years. The fact that President Obama has thrown the weight of the White House behind several new gun control measures, including a new semi-auto ban, and a ban on standard-capacity magazines, will only make the fight ahead of us even more difficult.

While most of us are aware the “assault weapons” issue is a red herring, invented by the anti-gun movement to confuse the public into thinking the debate was about machine guns, much of the American public remains ignorant. Many do not understand that the firearms bans being proposed would cover ordinary and common semi-automatics, lawfully owned and used by millions of Americans, including many of our fellow club members.

I would urge you to help us join the fight and contact your state and federal representatives (find contact info here). Make sure they understand that you expect them to honor and respect your Second Amendment rights. If you’re not sure how to get started, or don’t know what to say, please contact me, and I can help work up a letter, which we can then use as a template to help other club members.

While the forces arrayed against us now are formidable, if we band together, we outnumber them. If we communicate successfully with lawmakers, we will be heard, and we will make them think twice about interfering with the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans.

I will keep the “Latest News” section here updated with fresh news as this struggle continues.

Keith Milligan
Recording Secretary
Legislative Chair
Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Association

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