Many of you may or may not have heard by now that, in a late night closed-door session, Governor Andrew Cuomo rammed the most radical gun control package in the history of the United States through the New York Legislature. What does the New York Law do?

  • Expands the state’s existing pseudo (semi-auto) “assault weapons” ban by outlawing pre-ban firearms, unless they are registered.
  • Redefines assault weapon as a semi-automatic firearm that can accept a detachable magazine and has any single feature, such as a pistol grip, thumbhole stock, folding stock, telescoping stock, second hand grip, bayonet mount, flash suppressor, muzzle break or compensator.
  • Makes it unlawful to load more than 7 rounds in any firearm.
  • Revokes grandfathering for magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Magazines of this nature must be transferred out of state or turned into the state police within one year.
  • Any clip that holds more than 7 rounds will become unlawful. The standard M1 Garand clip will become unlawful. SKS clips that hold 10 rounds will become unlawful. If someone has links for an ammunition belt that could conceivably be assembled to hold more than 7 rounds will be unlawful.
  • Any firearm with a threaded barrel for accessory attachment is unlawful.
  • Outlaws any firearm which is a semi-automatic version of an automatic firearm. This would likely cover the M1 Carbine, the Glock 17, the M1A, and any numerous other commonly-owned firearms that have a fully automatic counterpart.
  • Outlaws any shotgun holding more than 7 rounds.

And this is just the gun ban component. New Yorkers previously got lifetime licenses for firearms, and now will have to get them renewed every 5 years. Fingerprinting will also now be required. Mail order ammunition sales are now unlawful in New York, and people purchasing ammunition will have to undergo a background check. People purchasing ammunition in “large” quantities, of greater than 1000 rounds will be reported to the police as if they were common criminals.

And it’s not just New York. Legislation along these lines has been introduced in New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland and California. This is a real threat to our Second Amendment rights, and it’s critically important that we’re heard from.

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