UPDATE: On February 20, the Lower Makefield Township Supervisors voted unanimously to rescind their previous resolution to lobby for more power to ban the possession of lawfully carried firearms in common public areas like parks. If their resolution had gained traction, and resulted in weakening of state preemption for firearms regulation, law-abiding gun owners would face certain legal pitfalls if they were forced to memorize carry or possession restrictions for each of the 56 cities, 958 boroughs, and 1,547 townships in Pennsylvania.

Thank you to all of the residents and club members who came out to the meeting, with little notice, to make sure that this mistake was corrected and the resolution rescinded. We truly believe your presence in the audience, and at the podium for those who spoke, made a difference. The supervisors seemed to understand that the gun issue was not relevant to the ordinary function of Township business, and will hopefully refrain from pursuing more gun control resolutions in the future.

Our rights are being attacked in Lower Makefield Township and your voice is needed to counter the current tide of vocal gun control supporters. Your action is needed on two fronts:
  1. Please plan on attending the next Lower Makefield Township Supervisors meeting on February 20 at 7:30 pm at the Lower Makefield Township building .  One of our members will be there to make a public statement opposing gun control and supporting the 2nd amendment.  We need to have a strong presence at this meeting.   For additional information regarding the recent meeting and discussions, please refer to to http://www.lmt.org/board-of-supervisors.php. Please respond and let me know that you will be attending this meeting. It is exceptionally important that we should a strong, united front.
  2. Send an email to LMT Supervisors, c/o Mr. Pete Stainthorpe, Chairman indicating your position.  A recommendation for the email that you can cut and paste into your own email can be found here.
  3. (link is now dead, since the issue was resolved.)

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