Despite about 500 gun owners showing up in foul winter weather Wednesday, the committee decided to go ahead and pass anti-gun bills. From ANJRPC:

Bills set to move to full Assembly Vote On Thursday, February 21. Please start contacting both of your Assembly Members and urge them not to support any new anti-gun measures. Thank you to the 500 Second Amendment supporters who attended today’s hearings and held legislators’ feet to the fire!

Those bills are listed here. Let me translate this for you. In order, they would:

  1. AB588 – Ban most rifle ammunition, since most rifle ammo can penetrate soft body armor.
  2. A1116 – Must report lost and stolen firearms to police. Fines and a 180 day firearm purchase prohibition for violators.
  3. A1329 – Reduce magazine capacity from 15 to 10 rounds. No grandfathering.
  4. A1387 – Weapon free “safety zones” within 1000 feet around public property like schools, parks, public housing, or other public buildings. Specifically applies to unknowingly being within 1000 feet.
  5. A1613 – Task force bull.
  6. A3510 – Requires training to purchase a firearm and for FID cards.
  7. A3583 – Another task force crock.
  8. A3645 – Requires face-to-face transactions for ammo.
  9. A3646 – Licensing for ammunition vendors.
  10. A3659 – Weapons 50 caliber or larger are destructive devices.
  11. A3666 – Mail order of ammunition prohibited.
  12. A3668 – Prohibits state investments in companies that make so-called “assault weapons.”
  13. A3687 – No guns for people who are on a secret government list.
  14. A3717 – Submit mental health records to NICS.
  15. A3748 – End private sales. There were private sales in NJ?
  16. A3750 – All ammunition sales registered and reported to the State Police.
  17. A3754 – Allows mental health professionals to order firearms be seized form patients. This will ensure no one who owns guns seeks mental health treatment, even if they may need it.
  18. A3772 – Require picture ID on FID cards.
  19. A3788 – Abolish access to firearm records. This one actually looks good.
  20. A3796 – Allows 90 days to dispose of unlawful firearms.
  21. A3797 – Requires reporting of ballistics data for seized guns to federal system.
  22. ACR180 – Resolution urging feds to infringe on your rights.
  23. AR143 – Resolution supporting gun buybacks.
  24. AR144 – Resolution on mental health.

Please contact your Assembly members.

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