Teaching Them Early

Posted by on Feb 22, 2018 in Legislative

Townships and other local municipalities in Pennsylvania are preempted from passing gun control legislation by state law. So you might wonder why we bother dealing with local municipalities when they start acting against our interests? They can pass ordinances, despite state law, but they cannot legally enforce them. For one, they do often try to enforce them, leaving the gun owner to fight a legal battle with the municipality in the Courts to get the case thrown out under preemption. Lawyers don’t come cheap, even if you ultimately win. Secondly, many local politicians have ambitions...

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Explaining The Gun Issue To Your Non-Gun Friends and Family

Posted by on Feb 16, 2018 in Legislative

What the gun control debate sounds like to shooters, in a context most other people can understand. If you don’t like the alcohol context, you can use dogs. Say it’s become “known” that many drunk driving fatalities are caused by drunk drivers who drank whiskey.Temperance advocates would really prefer to ban all alcohol, and they’ve made serious moves toward those ends in the past. They frequently and not without merit point to all the social problems that alcohol abuse contributes to, especially when there’s high-profile fatalities. But they don’t really have the...

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