Townships and other local municipalities in Pennsylvania are preempted from passing gun control legislation by state law. So you might wonder why we bother dealing with local municipalities when they start acting against our interests? They can pass ordinances, despite state law, but they cannot legally enforce them. For one, they do often try to enforce them, leaving the gun owner to fight a legal battle with the municipality in the Courts to get the case thrown out under preemption. Lawyers don’t come cheap, even if you ultimately win. Secondly, many local politicians have ambitions for higher office, and if we can squash an anti-gun political career early on, that’s someone we don’t have to worry about running for a higher office where they do have power to pass gun control. Even if you’ll never get an anti-gun politician to see the light, you might at least convince him or her that we’re better off not messed with.

It is with that in mind about a dozen FTRPA members showed up to this Tuesday’s meeting of the Middletown Township Board of Supervisors to send a simple message: we’re watching. It was rumored that the Board of Supervisors would possibly inject another gun control resolution into the agenda as new business, as they did after the Mandalay Bay shooting. The Board ended up not taking action, but Mr. Tosti, who seems to be the Supervisor most channeling Mike Bloomberg, couldn’t help injecting his gun control opinions at the end of the meeting. All in all, I think we sent our message. Previously the Board had considered a resolution lobbying our state lawmakers for gun control. You and I lobby our state legislators all the time with letters and phone calls. Mr. Tosti wanted to lobby them in the name of Middletown Township and use taxpayer money to do so.

I want to thank all the members who turned out. Unfortunately, opponents of the Second Amendment will never give us much of a break. But every little bit members can do can help.

Keith Milligan
Legislative Chair, FTRPA

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