Copy – FTRPA Safety Evaluation for Prospective Members

This quiz is intended to evaluate basic knowledge about firearms and how to handle them safely. You do not need to get everything 100% correct. We just want to ensure that you will be a safe member of our club. Some questions are very basic, while others are intended to be more challenging. The test is timed to 30 minutes for 25 questions. While the quiz works on mobile devices, it’s probably best to use a desktop with a larger screen. Good luck!

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If you pull the trigger and the round does not immediately fire, what is the most safe step to take?

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If the “cease fire” command is called on a range, what steps should you take? Choose the most correct answer(s) and check all that apply.

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What is it called when a round fails to fire after the trigger has been pulled and the primer struck?

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If you clean a firearm, which of the following steps should be taken? Check all that apply.

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When should your finger contact the trigger?

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When should the gun be unloaded?

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What unsafe conditions can you identify in this picture? Check all that apply.

Question Image

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What do you call the front of the firearm where the bullet exits upon firing?

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Nearly any pistol cartridge can be fired from any modern handgun.

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Firearms should be stored securely so that unauthorized users may not access them.

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Which of the following times should ammunition be removed from the room or immediate area? Check all that apply.

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What steps can you take to make sure your ammunition is safe to shoot in your firearm? Check all that apply.

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Identify any potentially unsafe conditions in the attached picture. Check all that apply.


Question Image

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When practicing using dry firing, you may ignore the rule to keep a firearm aimed in a safe direction because it’s just practice.

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Proper maintenance of a firearm means that as long as you shoot it frequently, it does not need to be cleaned as often.

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What picture represents the safest condition for going downrange?

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What direction should the firearm be aimed?

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Identify any potential unsafe conditions in this photo. Check all that apply.

Question Image

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If someone advises a shooter to focus on their trigger control while shooting, what should they pay more attention to?

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When aiming a firearm in a safe direction in preparation to fire, what should you focus on so that it appears clean and sharp as you squeeze the trigger?

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Which equipment is required for live fire exercises on shooting ranges?

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Two of the most common commands for the range are “cease fire” and “commence firing.” Who can call the command “cease fire”? Choose the most correct answer.

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What are considered to be the most important range safety rules by most standards of instruction? Check all that apply.

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When you acquire a new, or “new to you” firearm, you should learn how to operate it and obtain an owner’s manual.

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Does a safety reliably keep a firearm operating in a safe manner?

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