Anti-Gun Legislation Moving

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The U.S. House is set to vote on two restrictive gun control bills as early as tomorrow, and Brian Fitzpatrick needs to hear from us, as he is anti-gun despite being a Republican.

Neither H.R. 8 or H.R. 1446 would do anything to reduce crime, and they are anything but “common sense” proposals.

H.R. 8 would ban private transfers of firearms and make federally licensed dealers the only entities that can transfer firearms. It would make it illegal to lend a firearm to someone, even temporarily.

HR 1446 would allow the FBI to delay firearms transfers for up to 25 days. Currently the waiting period can be no longer than three days.

Again, Brian Fitzpatrick is a sponsor of H.R. 8. We urge members to make their displeasure with Rep. Fitzpatrick heard.

Recall on IMR Powder

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Do you reload with IMR 4007 SSC Powder? If so, there’s a recall in effect. Sounds like someone you don’t want to ignore.

How Crazy Have Things Gotten?

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This crazy: Nearly a Third of Democrats Say It Should Be Illegal to Join the NRA.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that nearly one-out-of-three Likely Democratic Voters (32%) favor declaring the gun rights group a terrorist organization in the community where they live. Fourteen percent (14%) of Republicans and 20% of voters not affiliated with either major party agree.

It can’t be argued that hating on gun owners is any longer just a fringe position. A third of Democrats, many of which are probably your family and neighbors, are telling pollsters you are a terrorist. That demented, but telling about the world we live in.

Legislative Alert for 9/11/2019

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We’re tracking three bills that have been voted out of committee and onto the house floor.

  • H.R. 1236, the “Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019″: This bill would provide grants to help state, tribal and local efforts to remove firearms from individuals determined to be a danger to themselves or others. There is no due process to this. All it takes is a mere accusation and you will lose your gun rights and have all your guns taken. Angry neighbor? Messy divorce? No more guns for you.
  • H.R. 1186, the “Keep Americans Safe Act”: This bill would regulate ammunition feeding devices that hold more than ten rounds, such as a magazine or belt. The bill would make it illegal to import, sell, manufacture or possess such devices. No grandfathering here. Turn them all in.
  • H.R. 2708, the “Disarm Hate Act”: This bill would prevent a person convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime from obtaining a firearm. What is a “misdemeanor hate crime?” Who knows. It’s very broadly defined.


The PA Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding hearings on Gun Control Wednesday September 25, 2019. NRA has yet to alert on this issue yet. We are keeping an eye open.

“No One Wants to Take Your Guns, You Paranoid Nut”

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Just want a few “common sense” gun control laws, you see. No one wants to take your guns. That’s just crazy talk. Making guns illegal is not a mainstream viewpoint. Certainly no legislature of any US state would ever endorse such an idea:

WHEREAS, under this “individual right theory”, the United States Constitution restricts legislative bodies from prohibiting firearm possession, or at the very least, the Second Amendment renders prohibitory and restrictive regulation presumptively unconstitutional; and

Repeal the 2nd Amendment? Who is seriously proposing that? We’re just for “common sense.”

HR 8 and HR 1112 Up This Week

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Gun control bills HR 8 and HR 1112 are up in the US House of Representatives this week. Please see this analysis about HB 8. This is not about background checks. If they had wanted to just address background checks, they’ve had plenty of opportunity to do that, but they keep pushing for a standard where all gun transfers are illegal except under narrow exception. Even lending someone a gun, for instance to pass qualifications at our club, would become unlawful. Currently under Pennsylvania law, loans are permitted between holders of a valid License to Carry. Federal law makes no such exception. HR 8 would also prohibit transfers among type 03 (C&R) FFL holders. It’s a bad bill.

So please, take action. Even the people cosponsoring the bill, like our own Brian Fitzpatrick, need to hear from us.

The H.R. 1112, if you haven’t heard of it, will increase the waiting period under the Brady Act from 3 to 20 days. The default proceed was placed in the Brady Act to prevent the government just halting all gun sales by refusing to conduct background checks. It’s an important safeguard. Also, once it’s 20, it’ll be 30, and then no time limit. All the government has to do is refuse to conduct background checks and no one will be able to buy a gun. This could be done by executive fiat, especially if he or she were to declare an “emergency” on guns, as Pelosi has suggested.

Don’t Believe It Can’t Happen Here

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Those of you who live in New Jersey are probably well aware that licensing of gun owners is a ratchet that will always tighten, and never loosen. Even if they don’t technically tighten requirements for the license, each new law takes out more and more gun owners at the margins, until we can’t effectively fight back.

Confessions of an English gun enthusiast:

His license was revoked because of unsubstantiated accusations and because the police didn’t like his YouTube channel promoting shooting.

Final Push to Stop NJ Magazine Ban

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ANJRPC is putting out a final call to try to stop New Jersey from adopting a ban on magazines that hold more than ten rounds.

Please oppose S102 and A2761 (firearms magazine ban), or grandfather my pre-owned magazines.  Don’t make me a criminal, don’t make me a victim, and don’t take my legally owned property!

NJ Senate Majority Office: 609-847-3700

NJ Assembly Majority Office: 609-847-3500

Governor’s Office: 609-292-6000   To email, click here, select “law and public safety” from the drop-down menu, click “continue,” then select “miscellaneous public safety” from the subtopic drop-down menu, complete the online form and click “send your message” at the bottom of the page.

New Steel Shooting Program

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Falling Plates Indoor RangeThe club is running a new steel shooting program. Please see our new program’s page for details. First match is Wednesday June 6th starting at 6:30PM. This will be the Falling Plate Match. Come out and give it a try. It’s a lot of fun. Bring as many full magazines as you can. The balance between accuracy and speed is hard to achieve, but you’ll enjoy it so much, you won’t even think about how much ammo you’re burning.

The Final Indignity for the Departing New Jersey Gun Owner

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From Evan Nappen, foremost authority on New Jersey gun laws:

Moving out of New Jersey? You still must do a “Change of Address” on your NJ Firearms Purchaser ID Card within 30 days of moving to your new out-of-state residence. (Jersey issues non-resident FPICs.) You may also choose to voluntarily surrender your FPIC. Failure to take action is a crime of the 3rd Degree. Max of 5 years in NJ State Prison for non-compliance. You can be criminally charged and extradited back to NJ.

Remember, gun control isn’t about public safety. It’s about elites sticking it to the unwashed masses and showing them who’s boss. In New Jersey, they want to throw you in prison even if you get sick of it and leave!