Program Overview

Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Association offers the NRA Junior Rifle Program. The course teaches basic firearm safety and marksmanship and is offered without charge. FTRPA maintains .22 caliber rimfire single shot rifles that are supplied for use in the course. Ear & eye protection and ammunition are provided along with all necessary course materials.

The Junior Rifle Program is divided into two groups:

  1. The A group is for students who have completed the NRA Basic Rifle Course. All students 20 or under who have completed the B group are eligible to participate in the A group program. Students do not need to make a commitment to attend a minimum number of sessions. Advanced registration for the A group is not needed for continuing students.
  1. The B group is for in school beginners age 10 to 18, who have not previously attended the NRA Basic Rifle Marksmanship Course and would like to learn basic shooting skills. Capacity is limited, and advanced registration is strongly recommended for the B group.

Students should be registered by sending an e-mail with the student’s name and parent’s / guardian’s contact information to Student registration will be confirmed by e-mail.

* Please note this program is not related to a Pennsylvania Hunter-Trapper Education Course

* For event cancellation information please refer to the Junior Rifle Program Calendar page.