Sight-In Days are back! Before the start or rifle season, we offer everyone the chance to sight in their guns out to 100 yards with feedback from a team of volunteers.

All participants need to bring their cased firearms unloaded with enough ammunition to properly sight in, as well as eye and ear protection.

The cost will be $10 for the first gun, $5 for each additional gun. Use of bore-sighters will be available at no additional charge.

Let your fellow gun owners getting ready to take to the fields and woods know about this opportunity to sight in with knowledgable volunteers out to up to 100 yards for rifles and 50 yards for slug guns.

It is not required for visitors to know a member or visit the club with that member for these events. Anyone looking to sight in their own rifle is welcome. The event is open to the public who might like to drop in.

Turkey Shoot

Put a turkey on the table this holiday season while having a blast on the range at Falls with friends and/or family members. For just $5, take up to 3 shots at 100 yards at our Plaster of Paris turkey head. If you land a hit, you can win a gift card to a local shop equal to the value of an average turkey.

The turkey shoot will take place during Sight-In Days on the 100-yard range. Shots are freehand from a standing position without use of a sling. Shooters may use rifles of .243 or larger cartridge, smoothbore slug guns using Foster slugs, rifled slug guns using Sabot slugs, or centerfire handguns with a 5” or longer barrel. Handguns can be shot with either a one-hand or two-hand hold. Scopes are limited to 4x; variable scopes must be set at no greater than 4x.

All shots of a single entry must be shot with the same gun. Limit of one turkey win per 3 shots, with a total winning limit of 2 turkeys.

Like the main Sight-In Day activities, all participants will need to bring their cased firearms unloaded with enough ammunition to shoot the rounds they hope to shoot, as well as eye and ear protection.