Coming July 7th at 1:00PM, After the Work Party!

This is a duel; two shooters competing to flip all the plates to the opposing side. Ranking is seasonal and we rank by number of vanquished opponents.

Match directors will match up similarly equipped shooters. Opposing shooters will agree on their shooting position: bench, offhand, sitting, kneeling, prone? As long as you can find an opponent to accept your challenge two shooters can shoot in any safe position they desire.

Any duel lasting longer than a minute will be considered a draw. Listen for the beep to start. When a winning state is achieved, or the duel times out, you will hear another beep which will be the indication the duel is over.

Match is open to members and guests of members.


Modern Semi-Auto Rifle. Examples: AR-15, Semi-Auto Kalashnikov, FAL, M1A
Vintage Semi-Auto Rifle. Examples: SKS, M1 Garand
Military Bolt Action Rifle. Examples: M1903, K98k.
Lever Action Rifle.

Bring what you got. As long as we can find someone else similarly equipped, we can set you up with an opponent.