Falling plates is a sport which pits speed against accuracy. At the sound of the buzzer, the shooter begins, and keeps shooting until all the plates are down. The time of the last shot is the shooter’s time.

Falling Plates Match at Falls

Fast Facts

Match is held 6:30-9:00 on the indoor range. Participants can arrive later and still shoot.

Cost is $3.00 per shooter per round, with a round involving shooting the plates down three times.

The best of the three times is the shooter’s score for that round.

Gun Classifications

Carry Gun – Basically a pistol you could carry. Should be mostly stock, and with open sights. Lasers are permitted in this category for pocket pistols.

Race/Sport Gun – Pistols with optical sights, ported barrels, or are otherwise not practical for every day carry.

Revolver – Any revolver, whether open or optical sights.

Pistol Caliber Carbine/Rifle – Any rifle or carbine firing pistol caliber ammunition OK to shoot on the indoor range, whether open or optical sights.

We’re open to further subdivide classifications if we get enough interested shooters. Pistols chambered in .22LR will not reliably take down the plates unless you hit on the first top half of the plate. But if folks want to shoot with a .22LR, we’ll queue you up. It’s still fun, even if you’re ringing the plates a lot without taking them down.


The main purpose of this match is fun. We’re more interested in participants enjoying themselves, and we don’t want newbies to be concerned about measuring up to top competitors. This is a new kind of match for our club, so most of us are new to this. We have some recommendations if you want to try this out:

Wear good eye protection. Fragments can come back from the plates. Usually this is not fast enough to be more than an annoyance, but you want to be sure your eyes are well protected.

If you can swing it, we recommend shooting non-jacketed ammunition. You can shoot jacketed ammunition, but non-jacketed ammo is less likely to cause fragments to come back.

For each turn at the plates, bring at least 50 rounds. You’ll be unlikely to use that much, but it’s best to be prepared. You will use less ammo as you get better.

There are no round limitations for this match. It’s a good idea to load your ammunition into magazines ahead of time. Bring at least three full magazines when you get up to the plates. If you’re shooting a single stack, you should have more. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have that many. We’ll wait. But if you do, it will help the match run faster.

It is better to only shoot as fast as you can hit the plates. Speed will come with experience.