5th Sundays in 2019 Starting at 1PM.


The match pits two competitors against each other in a series of duels! What’s a duel? There are four plates that flip horizontally on a rack. The match starts with two on each shooter’s side. The first shooter to shoot all the plates onto their opponent’s side wins the duel. This is our only rifle action steel match, so get your AR-15 out of the closet and come join us. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have burning ammo. See the rules for details.

Match Facts

  • Held on the 100 yard range at 100 yards. Plates are 8″ in diameter. The range is not closed for this match. We can accommodate other shooters on the range while the match is going on. But we do warn we’re turning a lot of money into noise with this match, so don’t expect a quiet shooting line.
  • Match is held on 5th Sundays at 1PM. Not every month has a 5th Sunday, so this is an occasional match. Check the club’s calendar.
  • Cost is $5.00 per shooter per division. Guests are welcome. The guest fee is waived, but match fee is still required. Mark your guest as attending a match in the sign in book.
  • The core element of the match is the “challenge,” in which two shooters similarly equipped square off against each other in up to three duels. Two duel wins takes the challenge except in the case of two draws where one will. A challenge can draw if all three duels draw.
  • The match proceeds as a series of elimination rounds, similar to how March Madness works. The winners of each elimination are paired in subsequent rounds of challenges until division winner and overall winners emerge.
  • After all the elimination rounds have completed, match directors will continue to pair shooters who want to continue dueling. Each match has a “Greatest Number of Wins” champion. At this stage, duel wins count toward that total, but not division and overall champion.
  • You may use any magazine with a standard capacity of 30 rounds or less. No drums. We recommend 30 round magazines. If you’re from New Jersey, you will probably be able to borrow some normal magazines from the match directors, but e-mail ahead of time.


Modern Sporting Rifle Optical Sight
Any semi-automatic rifle shooting a .223 or 5.56×45 caliber rounds and capable of accepting a 20 or 30-round magazine and having an optical sight. The AR-15 is what most people will be shooting. We’d also allow a 5.45x39mm to be entered. Check with the match director ahead of time if you want to bring something in a different caliber. The plates are set for .223 for the match, and when set that light, full bore rifle rounds will tend to knock the plates out of the rack (which is pretty fun to see happen, but it slows down the match).

Modern Sporting Rifle Iron Sight
Any semi-automatic rifle shooting a .223 or 5.56×45 caliber rounds and capable of accepting a 20 or 30-round magazine and using iron sights. See above.


  • Wear good eye protection. Fragments can come back from the plates. Usually this is not fast enough to be more than an annoyance, but you want to be sure your eyes are well protected.
  • Bring as much ammo as you can for this match. We recommend 200 rounds. If you do well, you will burn more ammo defending your winning record. If you run out of ammo during elimination, you will forfeit to your opponent.
  • A duel will rarely go more than one magazine, but it’s a good idea to arrive at the line with four fully loaded 20 or 30 round magazines. If you run out the magazine, and the other shooter will likely win. It is possible to draw if the shooters run through two magazines with no winner. See the rules to understand more about how this works.
  • Check the rules if you want better detail about how this match works. Don’t hesitate to contact the match directors either.


Members of the Steel Committee are Keith Milligan, Tom Parrey, Matt Bowker, and Jeff Goldman. You can contact the Steel Committee at steel@ftrpa.com if you are interested in this match.

Sight-In Days and Turkey Shoots are Back!

We’re here to help you sight-in for the season on

November 14th, 20th, and 26th from 8AM to 3PM.

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