This club match is based on Steel Challenge, but is not an SCSA sanctioned event. The shoot consists of 5-6 stations of 5-6 steel targets of varying sizes and placed in varying patterns – the shooters will shoot at the 5-6 targets 5 times. Many stages will have a stop plate that must be shot last. There can be other procedural challenges in any given stage. The strings are timed, with your highest time being dropped, and your remaining 4 strings added up counting as your score.

Steel Match Stage

Match Facts

  • The match is held on the 50 yard range. We shoot ahead of the line, so the shooting pad is closed when the match is in progress.
  • Match is held on the 4st Sunday of every month March through November (Except April 2019, where it will be held on the 3rd Sunday).
  • Match registration begins at 8:30AM. Match will begin at approximately 9AM.
  • Cost is $10.00 per round. You can enter with multiple guns. Additional guns are also $10.00. Guests are welcome. The guest fee is waived, but match fee is still required. Mark your guest as attending a match in the sign in book. If you want to attend as a guest of the match director, contact info is below.
  • If the weather is questionable it is recommended that you contact us prior to arriving. Get on our steel mailing list, as we will send any cancellations to that list. If it’s a little rainy/drizzling we will likely run the match. If it’s coming down in buckets or stormy, we’ll likely cancel.
  • The purpose of this match is to have fun. You don’t need to be an expert shooter to enjoy it. This match is great for kids! The targets aren’t that hard to hit and the bell-like qualities of the steel plates make it fun even if you aren’t the fastest shooter.


Centerfire Pistol
Any centerfire pistol with iron sights.

Centerfire Pistol Optics
Any centerfire pistol with optical sights.

Single Stack
Any pistol that holds less than 10 rounds, except revolvers. You can also shoot in Centerfire Pistol if you want.

Pistol Caliber Carbine
Any centerfire or rimfire rifles which fires pistol caliber rounds and has iron sights. Rifles firing rifle calibers are not permitted in this match.

Pistol Caliber Carbine Optics
Any centerfire or rimfire rifles which fires pistol caliber rounds and has an optical sight. Rifles firing rifle calibers are not permitted in this match.

Rimfire Pistol
Any rimfire pistol which fires rimfire rounds (such as the .22LR) and has iron sights.

Rimfire Pistol Optics
Any rimfire pistol which fires rimfire rounds (such as the .22LR) and has optical sights.


  • Junior (<18)
  • Ladies
  • Senior (>65)
  • Draw from Holster (must be pre-qualified to do this)


  • We use cold range rules. Firearms must be cased when not on the line. Most competitors start from low-ready. We have a special category for competitors who are qualified to draw from holster and want to do that. If you’re a more experienced shooter and would like to get qualified, contact us at the address below. We’ll want to check you out first and make sure you have the proper equipment to draw safely.
  • Wear good eye protection, wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Fragments can come back from the steel. Usually this is not fast enough to be more than an annoyance, but you want to be sure you are well protected.
  • You will shoot a minimum of 125 rounds on a 5-stage match for each gun you enter. That’s assuming you don’t miss, which you probably will. It’s recommended you bring 250-300 rounds for each gun you want to enter. Better to have too much than not enough, and sometimes we’ll do more stages or more plates on a stage.
  • If you can, bring five full magazines when you get up to the plates, please do so. There is no capacity limit for these matches. Having five magazines will help move the match along. If you’re just starting out and don’t have that many, don’t sweat it. We can pass them off to someone who will help you reload while you’re shooting.
  • It is better to only shoot as fast as you can hit the plates. Misses are costly. Speed will come with experience.


The Steel Committee members are Keith Milligan, Tom Parrey, Matt Bowker, John Grotz, and Jeff Goldman for details – contact information is on the board near the sign-in desk. You can also e-mail to contact the committee.

Due to COVID-19,
All Shooting Ranges Are Currently Closed. All Events are Cancelled Until Further Notice. Outdoor Ranges Will Reopen on Friday, June 5th.

Pursuant to Governor Wolf’s order for non-life-sustaining businesses to close, with enforcement to begin March 21, 2020 at 12:01AM, FTRPA is closed to members and guests until June 5th, when we will enter into operations under “yellow phase” guidelines. Outdoor ranges and Curtis Lake will be open. COVID mitigation procedures must be followed.