Are you tired of crowded and impersonal commercial ranges? Looking to join a community of shooters? Looking for a place to shoot where it’s safe to bring the family? Then membership in FTRPA might be right for you.


Joining A Private Club

Unlike a commercial shooting range, which provides range services to the public for a fee, a private club exists to serve its members rather than the public at large. Joining a club is a process, and not simply a financial transaction. We have an interest in making sure prospective members are safe shooters and understand safe gun handling. While we are careful to ensure that our prospective members are safe and responsible shooters, we are not exclusive, and welcome new members from all walks of life.

FTRPA is a non-profit corporation, organized along the same lines as many other civic organizations. Members vote for the corporation’s directors, who manage and direct the club. All of our directors are volunteers who are not paid a salary. Our club has no full-time employees, and members are encouraged to pitch in to help keep the club running smoothly.

How Do I Become a Member

In order to become a member of Falls Township Rifle and Pistol Association, you must be sponsored by a program.  There are two options:

  • Sponsorship by a shooting program that runs matches open to the public (see the list at the bottom of the page); or
  • Sponsorship by the education program after taking and passing a qualifying pistol shooting course at FTRPA.

If you choose to attend a public match and are deemed a safe shooter, the director may give you a post card with a registration website and code. Register promptly because codes expire. If you take a qualifying pistol course and pass with the instructor’s recommendation for membership, you will be emailed registration information in the days to follow. Please keep an eye on all email folders so you receive those follow-up instructions.

Before You Begin the Process of Joining

Please review our club’s rules, and make sure you are comfortable with them. Members who violate the club’s rules may be subject to disciplinary action that could include up to temporary suspension of access or cancellation of membership and non-renewal for serious infractions. Membership dues and fees are not refundable in these circumstances.

There is a $300 initiation fee, and dues are $225 per year. Incoming members pay the initiation fee and prorated dues. For members who volunteer to help out at the club, we do provide credits towards your dues to help keep your costs lower since you are helping the club keep our costs lower.

Once sponsored by a shooting program, the steps to get in are as follows:

  • Complete the online safety quiz. This is to demonstrate you have some knowledge about how to handle a firearm safely. If you pass the safety check, you will also need to submit an application and sign our waiver.
  • Attend an instructor-lead shooting safety check, where we will see you shoot a handgun. This is not a match or marksmanship test, just a quick shoot to ensure you can apply safe handling practices.
  • Attend an orientation. This is where you learn about the club, the club’s rules, and how to be a safe and active member of our club.
  • Pay fees: $300 and dues according to the proration schedule. Our dues period for a given year starts in July.
  • Get voted in at a member meeting by the members of FTRPA.

Those who join through a qualifying pistol class will go directly to the application and waiver steps, then proceed on to the Orientation since safe shooting procedures have been taught and demonstrated in the class.

We want to see prospective members succeed and become members, but we need prospective members to successfully demonstrate safe shooting habits. If you cannot, you may be encouraged to take a class. Most prospective members make it into the club, but for those that don’t, there’s always the option to try again.

Which Matches Are Open To The Public

If you are willing to try out one of our matches. Check the Club Calendar for times and contact information for program leaders if you have questions. Matches that are open to the public or guests and can sponsor new members: 

Please check the program’s page for contact info and details on the match.

1Archery can sponsor new members, but an existing FTRPA member will need to attest to seeing you shoot a firearm safely. Please make arrangements with the program leadership in advance to let them know your intent and to let them know you’ll need someone to escort you to a firearms range to observe.
2Thursday Silhouette is particularly good for novice shooters. We run a very informal league-type event that is not very competitive, and the rules are easy to follow.

Range Location

354 Newbold Road
Fairless Hills, PA 19030


Phone Number

(215) 295-6565