Firearms & Safety education


FTRPA Mission Statement

The purpose of this corporation shall be: to promote recreation, education and training in the safe use of firearms; to foster, expand and perpetuate the practice of target shooting and the spirit of good fellowship among all sportsmen…


The Education Committee coordinates a variety of classes across shooting disciplines and serving different skill sets. From offering standard NRA basic firearms courses to working with club programs to promote specialty clinics focused on specific skills, FTRPA is quickly growing the number and types of courses offered to both our members and the wider shooting community.

As our Education Committee was recently approved to offer courses, we have focused on offering basic NRA course and instructor-level training to members, their families, and a limited number of general community members. We will continue to offer these types of courses, as well as other training approved by the Board of Directors elected by club members. 

Common Questions

  • Are your classes open to the public? Sometimes. Most of our classes are advertised to members first either through our member-only website or our club newsletter. After that initial opening to members, most classes with open seats can be opened to the wider shooting community and will be advertised on our club calendar and on our club’s social media homes (Facebook, X, and Instagram).


  • The website says that your classes can be used to join FTRPA. Which classes are those? How do I sign up? The most common course to qualify at this time is the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course offered at FTRPA. (We require it to be taken at Falls for purposes of membership referrals. Courses taken elsewhere or online will not count.) It tends to be offered every few months, and you can check out our club calendar, the NRA course website, or our social media pages for the next dates as we schedule these classes. (On the NRA website, you’ll need to look for entries with a Fairless Hills address and confirm they are offered at FTRPA before registering.)

    Other courses may also qualify, and information on whether those can serve as a referral will tend to be offered in the public announcement on social media. This varies based on the topic of the class and in combination with upcoming membership activities such as range safety reviews and orientations which may be required depending on the referring course.

  • I’ve signed up for a course; what should I expect when I arrive? Before the course date, you will likely receive updates from the instructor or other supporting volunteers from FTRPA who assist with everything from paperwork processing to payments. Details for how each class handles that paperwork and payment are best directed to the instructor. On the day of the class, the front gate will typically be open between half an hour and an hour in advance, depending on the check-in requirements of the class and any other club activities happening at the time. Most classes will begin in our main meeting room which can be accessed through the clubhouse’s front double doors, and many will use the office to the right of the entry for registration. We try to place helpful signs around so you can easily find your way, even if there are other activities happening at the same time.


  • I’ve got an idea for a class! How do I share that? If you’re a member, find the Education Committee’s group email listed in the Powder Keg newsletter. We’re very open to suggestions from members. If you’re not a member or an outside instructor, there may be limitations that keep us from offering all classes, especially some advanced shooting courses of fire. However, you may use the general club inquiry email at the bottom to submit suggestions, and we’ll get it aimed for the right committees to discuss any proposals.

Range Location

354 Newbold Road
Fairless Hills, PA 19030


Phone Number

(215) 295-6565