Falls Township Rifle & Pistol Association runs three Action Steel matches.

Steel Match
Pistol and pistol caliber carbine match based on Steel Challenge. Runs on the 50yd range the 4th Sunday of each month with registration starting at 8:30AM with match starting around 9AM. Entry is $10 per gun per round.

Falling Plates
Pistol and pistol caliber carbine match which runs on the 1st Wednesday of every month on the indoor range starting at 7PM (practice and registration start at 6:30PM). Entry is $3 per gun per round.

Dueling Tree
AR-15 Rifle match on the 100 yard range, held on the 5th Sunday, when the month has a 5th Sunday starting at 1PM. Entry is $5 per gun per round.

All these matches are open to members and guests of members. There are a limited number of slots open for people to attend as guests of the match directors. The steel committee members are Keith Milligan, John Grotz, Tom Parrey, Matt Bowker, and Jeff Goldman. You can reach the committee at steel@ftrpa.com.

All results are posted on our Club’s Practiscore Page. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming matches. We will take pre-registrations via Practiscore. If you want to register as a non-member you may. We will contact you with arrangements to attend as a guest.

Guest fees are waived for matches, but match fees still apply.