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  • Keith Milligan
  • The Archery Committee has been formed as a Range Committee charged with governance of the Archery Ranges, namely the 3D Archery Course and Archery Practice Range. This committee is in charge of governance of these named ranges, per our bylaws, which includes:
    • Proposing rule changes to the Board. The bylaws say rule changes should originate with the Range Committee.
    • All governance decisions regarding the ranges for day-to-day operations. The Board of Directors controls changes to the property and budgets for projects.
    • Approving & scheduling matches on the specified ranges.
    • Setting shooting hours for the specified ranges.
    • Setting match fees for matches that are run and judged by program range committees.
    • Approving prizes and prize schedules.
    Additionally, the Archery Committee is a Range Committee responsible for running and judging matches in the discipline of Archery, and is free to approve any matches on the ranges it governs.
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